Screening Applications

The service provided in this activity we screen each and every application for Credit cards, Personal, Housing, Auto Loans and Pick up fraud applications which are then sent on field.

Field Verification

Before disbursal from any bank we verify customers Business/Office and Residence status and give the reports accordingly. We check and advice on applications made by third parties and verifies their status before any Pre and post Disbursal.

Document Verification

After screening of applications for their authenticity we do further checks such as IT, Wealth Tax, Government Registration Dept, Insurance, Invoice checks, including TO checks, Society checks, Pay slips, Bank Pass book etc.

Merchant Training / Merchant Fraud Investigation

In this activity will assist into training for bank providing credit cards and assist in investigations where customers are hand in gloves with Merchants.

Background screening - First line of defense against people risk

People risk is one of the major internal risks any organization is exposed to. By understanding its Nature and damage potential and adoption of background screening programs, organizations can Insulate themselves from such risks. Talent crunch in a global work environment have made Employee Background Check & PreEmployment screening indispensable to building a professionally ethical workforce. The very basis of productivity and growth, an employee is also the custodian of a company's reputation and goodwill.